Wording [noun]

Definition of Wording:

way of expressing a thought

Synonyms of Wording:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wording:


Sentence/Example of Wording:

With this object in view the wording is intentionally plain and non-technical.

You can still give me a certificate, first arranging the wording of it.

He read and reread it, each time finding a new meaning in its wording.

The acknowledgment should follow the wording of the invitation.

This sentence shows both the wording and ideas of the times.

He found an ambiguity in the wording, a choice of constructions.

That wasn't exactly the wording used by a ducal lord on Gram.

It was written by direction of Colonel So and So, and is presumably his own wording.

Particular attention should be paid to the wording of rule 2, just given.

It must be an offer, though the wording seemed to indicate he should surrender!