Language [noun]

Definition of Language:

system of words for communication

Opposite/Antonyms of Language:

Sentence/Example of Language:

It offers a more searing version of events than the sometimes technical language in previous crash reports and investigations, including one conducted by the Transportation Department’s Inspector General.

The language that was used — that could have possibly had a chilling effect on other people coming forward — shouldn’t have been allowed.

Toucan raises $3 million to teach you new languages as you browse the web — The startup has developed a Chrome browser extension designed for anyone who wants to learn a new language but hasn’t found the motivation or the time.

Looking ahead, Toucan is planning to add new languages and to launch browser extensions for Firefox and Safari.

This announcement covers changes to Google Search, Google News, autocomplete, fact checking, through BERT and language processing.

He didn’t mention seditious language, or any attempts to overthrow the government.

An old idea, the distributional hypothesis, guided the machine-learning revolution in the realm of natural language processing.

We really should see language as part of a larger holistic picture, which pulls everything together, rather than as being at war with each other.

Surprisingly at the heart of their solution is Datalog, a logical programming language developed in the late 1970s.

While it is not feasible and easy to record your videos in multiple languages, YouTube does provide adding subtitles almost free of cost.