Prose [noun]

Definition of Prose:

written, nonrhythmic literature

Synonyms of Prose:

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Sentence/Example of Prose:

Prose, that is, has attempted something to which it is not equal.

He himself describes them as "Prose Recreations of a Rhymer."

Well, Prose, are you thinking of your friends in Cheap-side?

Why, you ought, Prose,” replied Seymour; “you have never been on service yet.

Seymour and Prose had both passed their examination, when the Aspasia was at Bombay.

Prose can paint evening and moonlight, but poets are needed to sing the dawn.

Prose must be rhythmical, and it may be as much so as you will; but it must not be metrical.

Prose pleased only people whose intelligence was very subtle.

But in the tiny landscapes of the Prose Poems there is nothing rigid or artificial.

What should hinder, then, but that this same Seventh Book should have been written in Prose?