Book [noun]

Definition of Book:

published document

Opposite/Antonyms of Book:


Sentence/Example of Book:

She waited for my rant to finish and then reminded me that the book, still in my hand, was one I had pulled from her own bookshelf.

I defy you to read the book—or, worse, review the Twitter commentary about it—and come away feeling good about the prospects for American comity.

Such deals aren’t typically part of Warren Buffett’s play book, although in 2018 Berkshire invested in the initial offering of Brazilian fintech StoneCo Ltd.

On the other side, in March everyone who booked a trip cancelled it.

More than two decades ago, I wrote a book with my New York Times colleagues Judith Miller and Bill Broad called “Germs” that looked at the modern history of biological warfare.

Just look at how many self-help books are available on habit change.

This book is trying to be a contribution to other organizations to think about different ways to operate.

These books are packed, beginning to end, with sacred family recipes.

At the same time, in early Spring, Zocdoc added telehealth options allowing patients to book virtual appointments which also increased its provider coverage.

If you decide to book now, not only will you likely score some great deals, but you’ll help your favorite places stay afloat as they weather the phases of reopening.