Lexicon [noun]

Definition of Lexicon:

collection of word meanings, usage

Synonyms of Lexicon:

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Sentence/Example of Lexicon:

Just a machine, promising help “momentarily,” the biggest lie in the lexicon of all voice mail.

The game’s lexicon was built first with the New General Service List to serve as its foundation.

The fast-paced, fun word game challenges users to spell all the words you can in two minutes and uses a lexicon of words Kocienda built to allow for the inclusion of proper names.

Root out the biased language we so often use when discussing women and people of color, not by unilaterally relying on anti-bias training, but by fixing the underlying systems that enable this bias to creep into the talent assessment lexicon.

In academic speak, observing and learning from other people is called “social influence,” a term that’s obviously crossed into pop culture lexicon.

Modern science stringently demands facts in support of any assertion, the word "faith" having no place in its lexicon.

“Easy does it” is a phrase plucked from the plebeian lexicon of life, which we recommend for his consideration.

Meusel: Lexicon der vom Jahr 1750 bis 1800 verstorbenen teutschen Schriftsteller.

This, though in some respects, an independent work, may yet be considered as a supplement to the celebrated Conversations-Lexicon.

The text occupies five volumes, and a sixth contains a Hebrew lexicon, &c.