Primer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Primer:

The primer, not the bayonet, should be relied upon to uphold the liberty of a nation.

There is 'The Raven,' the first primer, the multiplication table.

In such a room he had studied his primer and his Ray's Arithmetic.

She introduced a primer with small black illustrations which fascinated Susan.

Then, to stop this "erosion," the obturating (sealing) primer came into use.

No. 3, the man with the tube-pouch, got out his lanyard and hooked it to a primer.

But this morning he was at his desk copying from his Primer on to his slate.

But then he had been in the Primer Class from the beginning.

A primer of information about the history and uses of italic letters.

A primer of information about the processes of electrotyping and stereotyping.