Onset [noun]

Definition of Onset:

beginning; attack

Synonyms of Onset:

Opposite/Antonyms of Onset:

Sentence/Example of Onset:

The onset and the issue were like the passage and destruction of a whirlwind.

He met their onset with a firm, steady foot, and fired straight at their heads.

As an eagle descendeth on its prey, so rusheth my kinsman to the onset.

They were also greatly elated with the success which had crowned the first onset.

Had I known this, I could have marked the onset with a less failing spirit.

Then went they to their ships, and made ready to row to the onset.

Frank could not withstand this onset, he was forced to his knees.

But the Trojans, in close array, first made the onset, and Hector led them on.

If it had been put in a packing-case he would have been defeated at the onset.

An injury to his thigh had led to the onset of an insidious hip disease.