Assault [noun]

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At least two more women have since come forward with similar allegations of assault.

This can buy time for B and T cells from the adaptive immune system to multiply into an army that can deliver a more precise and devastating assault if one is needed.

Harvey Weinstein was fighting criminal charges for a pattern of behavior that included hotel room assaults.

The order called for a multi-agency assault on Section 230, involving the commerce and justice departments, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission.

California is a bright, shining example that you can build a humming engine of economic growth, even in a state that embraces relatively high taxes and progressive values—an unforgivable assault on conservative worldviews.

Richard Lamar Hawk, which is the singer’s birth name, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday.

The police are now aggressively pushing a vastly altered narrative that runs entirely counter to what video evidence depicts of the assault.

Last week, a court dismissed the assault case against senator Elisha Abbo who was caught on camera physically attacking a woman in an adult toy shop in Abuja.

During a 2006 roadside stop, Chauvin was among six officers who, in just four seconds, fired 43 rounds into a truck driven by a man wanted for questioning in a domestic assault.

So that sounds — it would make me believe that the future of meat is one in which cattle ranchers feel a little bit like an endangered species or at least under assault.