Storming [verb]

Definition of Storming:

attack, rush

Synonyms of Storming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Storming:

Sentence/Example of Storming:

What storming of fortresses, built all of massive snowblocks!

He relieved his feelings by storming at the hospital steward who was assisting him.

Wasps we knew well and disdained, storming them in their fastnesses.

It was storming, but it was not dark, and they knew each foot of the way.

Richmond knew better, but Richmond was stoically calm as to the possibility of a storming.

The mob was beginning to gather for the storming of the sod-house.

Such was the end of the attempt at storming Syracuse by sea.

Besides, you can't do anything by storming up to that poor girl.

History may well say, ‘the storming of a fortress is an awful task.’

I don't think he was on the level with all that storming and raging.