Rain [noun]

Definition of Rain:

downpour of water or other substance

Synonyms of Rain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rain:

Sentence/Example of Rain:

Rain, which we were much in want of, fell lightly most of the day.

I am indeed pleased to get this rain at last, as the country is very dry.

The country is very dry, and I should think there has not been any rain for several months.

We have not had a drop of rain since the light shower on the 4th August.

If there was rain, there would be enough water here for a month or more.

We are much in want of rain, and thought we should have had some, but the barometer is rising this evening.

Trenches were dug round the hut and tent, so that they must have had rain.

The weather is heavy and cloudy, and I hope to get some rain shortly.

It must be a long while since there has been rain, or it would not have been dry.

They had not had any rain, not even the light shower we had this morning.