Precipitation [noun]

Definition of Precipitation:

moisture in air or falling from sky

Synonyms of Precipitation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precipitation:

Sentence/Example of Precipitation:

Here the first step is absorption and expansion, not precipitation.

This was done in lime-water, without any precipitation of lime.

But Hermann arose with precipitation to carry the news to his wife.

So saying, Funkelstein turned, and walked away with some precipitation.

On distilling off the acetone, a precipitation is determined.

They are quite accustomed there to dealing with the precipitation of sludge.

The insoluble compounds of zinc can be prepared by precipitation.

Most of the chromates are insoluble and can therefore be prepared by precipitation.

But this precipitation of the images is not at all mysterious.

She marshaled her reasons with precipitation, as if to make it impossible to discuss them.