Flurry [noun]

Definition of Flurry:

commotion, burst

Synonyms of Flurry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flurry:

Sentence/Example of Flurry:

That said, some spotty light snow showers or flurries are possible anywhere in the region during the day Friday, but accumulating, steady snow is not expected.

Spotty light snow or flurries are still possible in the immediate area, but accumulations are unlikely.

After the Civil War, there was a brief flurry of school-building in the South through the Freedmen’s Bureau with the aim of quickly educating almost 4 million formerly enslaved people.

Traditional animal agriculture has pushed back against plant-based meat, claiming common nomenclature was confusing to consumers, which has resulted in a flurry of state legislative activity and litigation around labeling.

Thanks to Voytek’s algorithm and other methods, a flurry of studies published in the last few years have run with the idea that aperiodic activity contain hidden treasures that may advance the study of aging, sleep, childhood development and more.

That, and a flurry of M&A activity have put investors in a risk-on mood.

At the start of the pandemic, a flurry of private jets landed at the Jackson Hole Airport, sometimes with a private ventilator in tow, as second homeowners and new buyers escaped to this rural paradise.

A recent flurry of results from orbiting spacecraft have found that its ancient lava flows are not so ancient after all.

We can’t rule out some flurries or a little light snow on Tuesday, with little to no additional accumulation expected.

By August 2013, with not even one full year into his term, Filner was out after a flurry of scandals.