Ferment [noun]

Definition of Ferment:

substance causing chemicals to split into simpler substances

Synonyms of Ferment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ferment:

Sentence/Example of Ferment:

Lime salts also possess the power of transforming renninogen into the active ferment.

They are extremely prone to change, and in presence of animal matters readily ferment, and are converted into salts of ammonia.

At the moment when our history begins, the audacity of the new religious doctrines was putting all Paris in a ferment.

A mixture of water and honey allowed to ferment together was called mulsa.

The existence of such a soluble ferment would explain the presence of free sugar and free fisetin.

But, as it appeared, the decision had been made public that afternoon, putting the whole parish into a ferment.

The allied armies under the Duke of Brunswick were gathering, and Paris was in a ferment.

Her mind was in a ferment of elation and doubt, of trepidation and joyful anticipation.

Various peoples recognize this when they collect the juice of certain fruits and, exposing it to the air, allow it to ferment.

The digestion or change of starch to grape sugar is caused by the presence in the saliva of an enzyme, or digestive ferment.