Furor [noun]

Definition of Furor:

disturbance, excitement

Synonyms of Furor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furor:

Sentence/Example of Furor:

The furor surrounding GameStop and its stock price has consumed social media, business television, and the hopes and dreams of many retail investors.

That kind of toll would cause a national furor if the deaths were immediately obvious after eating a salty meal.

There has been a furor in India over the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party’s election promise to provide free Covid-19 vaccine to the people of Bihar.

The furor it created was cut short by a fire, which destroyed the organ and damaged the tower of the church.

There was a perfect furor of intellectual excitement going through the house all the time.

Hence my love and even furor now for mathematics, from which in my youth I fled.

The revolutionary furor spread to the country towns, and for a whole week the Union flag practically disappeared from Maryland.

He has probably had another attack of furor epilepticus, and killed somebody while under its influence.

Could he have committed this offence during another attack of furor epilepticus and recollect nothing about it afterwards?

Even when the furor dies down, he will have been a great man—and he will stay a great man in his own estimation.