Lunacy [noun]

Definition of Lunacy:

craziness, madness

Synonyms of Lunacy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lunacy:

Sentence/Example of Lunacy:

Francis le Moine, an excellent French painter, ran himself through with a sword in a fit of lunacy.

I have been collecting some most valuable information on (looking round at them) lunacy in the—er—county of Devonshire.

But he is quite a Michelet; the general views, and such a piece of character painting, excellent; but his method sheer lunacy.

Our whole scheme of things indeed is so mixed, that the wonder only is we are not all in a state of chronic lunacy.

Lunacy had always been, and remained, a ground of exception from the prohibition to grant outdoor relief.

If there is a mentally defective person in such a family, ought the Lunacy Authority to be kept out?

In the early part of this session the lord-chancellor gave notice of bills respecting bankruptcy, lunacy, and county courts.

I knew too well that if I took any legal measures, he would contrive to shift the whole burden of lunacy upon me.

Lunacy also was unknown among them, and such a thing as suicide no native can possibly grasp or understand.

You may have one or the other, but it is sheer lunacy to imagine that you can have both.