Distraction [noun]

Definition of Distraction:

having one's attention drawn away

Opposite/Antonyms of Distraction:

Sentence/Example of Distraction:

Turns out, spending a couple of nights surrounding a campfire is exactly the distraction we need right now.

When I’m thinking, brainstorming, and writing, I turn the Wi-Fi off to limit the distraction and force me to focus.

“Presumably, you don’t have internet, you’re not online, you’re not watching TV,” she says, adding that without those distractions, you may find yourself itching to put together a real meal.

Also, you may realize we did not put out a Rocket Report last week—this is because the threat of Hurricane Laura provided an unexpected but significant distraction to the author.

Cities like the one she lives in are full of distractions, so she likes to stand between two parked cars and do command training to get the dog she’s with to focus on her and ignore whatever’s whizzing by.

You don’t need to rent out an expensive recording studio to start publishing your brand’s first Voice Tweets, but you also don’t want to record in a busy home with lots of noise and distractions.

The absence of fans not only eliminated distractions but also improved players’ sight lines.

Some analysts think China is taking advantage of the global distraction over the Covid pandemic to step up their activity.

What they found is that, for example, home visits for at-risk families involved a lot more distractions in the house and there was less time on child-focused activities.

They were still a little perturbed by the brilliance and distraction, and it was as an alien that she moved among them still.