Beguilement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Beguilement:

Its basic properties have beguiled curious minds as far back as Plato and Aristotle.

“If we get one mission there, Venus will beguile the world and more will follow,” Dyar says.

Then followed much similar feminine beguilement; the faculty for which seems to be rather increased by the Jordan bath.

"Don't go," said Esther, in a conventional prettiness, but no such beguilement as she had wafted through the telephone.

The few sous spent upon such beguilement of long winter nights were most likely economized by some little deprivation.

In any case they must be taken for what they are: a beguilement of lone moments of leisure.

How abounding in beguilement are all his words, like lovers' sidelong glances, and honey of Hybla to the tongue!

He had so far been the victim of the sex, and in his own small way had suffered scorn and beguilement enough.

Ministers in turn have defensively adopted the arts of beguilement, varied by an exercise of the police.

He began with the arts of beguilement, and left nothing undone to win the confidence and affection of the Toledan nobles.