Wantonness [noun]

Definition of Wantonness:


Synonyms of Wantonness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wantonness:


Sentence/Example of Wantonness:

Half in misgiving, half in wantonness, she turned aside and hid in the ditch.

He devastates his own kingdom in the wantonness of his force.

In all the wantonness of children, we tore the fruit in handfuls, and threw it around us.

As for any further learning, he thought it a waste of time, a kind of wantonness.

There is nothing to prevent its legislating in the wantonness of caprice.

Fickleness towards a lover is bad, but fickleness after playing the wife is wantonness.'

I may be a shallow creature, but it has been natural growth, not wantonness.'

It was hers—the last thing I had of hers—and it was shot for wantonness!

And when I upbraided her for this wantonness, she gave me cruel words.

The horror, the tragedy, the wantonness of it all touched him mightily.