Complication [noun]

Definition of Complication:

difficult situation

Synonyms of Complication:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complication:

Sentence/Example of Complication:

Abe Shinzo, Japan’s longest-serving and most consequential prime minister in decades, has resigned from his post over health complications.

Now the University of Washington Medical Center was citing multiple requests from hospitalists for training in bedside cardiac ultrasound so that they could monitor their covid-19 patients for heart failure, a dangerous complication.

Initial research suggests that women who have Covid-19 at the time of delivery may experience complications, and that fetuses, too, might be at risk of complications even after delivery.

As it’s become clear that excessive clotting can be a complication of a serious coronavirus infection, there’s been debate over how best to manage the blockages.

It is serious and can cause fatal complications, according to the Mayo Clinic.

"It's always the way with them," sighed Miss Grains, who suffered from a complication of romantic tendency and very tight stays.

It reappears during a relapse, and thus helps to distinguish between a relapse and a complication, in which it does not reappear.

The complication of business has led to the adoption of another principle in managing corporations.

This it brings about in a very simple manner, though the details of the process have a certain complication.

He fathomed every complication of heart and mind in the modern woman by an intuition of the laws which control her development.