Factor [noun]

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It can differ from a person’s chronological age owing to health and lifestyle factors, as well as genetics.

So, ideally, we’d want to know how well each vaccine works in people with the most significant risk factors.

Price tends to be a significant factor in the success of a video game console.

Key factor that’s already changing rankings is Cumulative Layout Shift.

No single factor can explain, say, why one person pursues a life of crime and another excels in college.

In the near term, a more likely contributing factor would be that consumers would have redirected funds for holiday trips and travel to sending holiday gifts.

Inside a person, it could be less efficient by a factor of up to 1,000, giving the immune system time to respond.

It can be difficult to see the challenges clearly because so many factors are in play.

The researchers proposed that trained immunity could be an overlooked factor in the rejection of transplanted tissues.

Our prediction model crunches 200-plus factors from polls to candidate traits to economic indicators to project the odds of victory for this year’s presidential, Senate and House races.