Board [noun]

Definition of Board:

piece of wood

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Sentence/Example of Board:

The Wall Pops cork boards are a great option when aesthetics are of utmost importance.

Once the flames die down, agencies like the state water resources board and the Army Corps of Engineers will need to go in and clean up debris before rains mobilize any toxic byproducts.

That has yet to happen, because representatives of the workers involved asked the board to reconsider its December ruling.

During litigation between the city and Kinder Morgan, local water quality board demanded to know why the city wouldn’t take that water, at least 500,000 gallons per day.

You’ve been told in a board meeting that you are the worst businessperson they’ve ever met, and your executive coach said that it was incredible so many people have stayed by your side for so long when they can’t stand you.

An independent safety board was reviewing whether the participant’s illness had been caused by the vaccine or was unrelated, he said.

She also reported that promotions and bonuses Ikhrata gave to staffers who were elevated in the restructuring should have been formally approved by the board.

With the company’s decade of success under Cook, it’s unlikely the board would want to shift away from this proven formula.

It’s also about how you empower those people once you get them to come on board.

Many colleges also offered refunds for room and board when they sent students home in March due to worries about the spreading pandemic.