Timber [noun]

Definition of Timber:

trees, wood

Synonyms of Timber:

Opposite/Antonyms of Timber:


Sentence/Example of Timber:

Me and Lawyer Fillmore has been a-lookin' into them deeds, and this timber is mine;' and he driv off.

She always seemed natural to me; and I had got to know every timber and stick about her.

This process was continued through the whole length of the timber.

The first timber was drawn by a rope, and floated to its place.

The timber growth—­none at all or very scanty spruce and tamarack.

This labour would also clear the grounds, and so this timber might be had almost for nothing.

The greatest part of the houses is of brick; the rest are of timber and brick.

I know every timber and plank in her; there is not a rope nor a block but I can recognise.

On the death of his father, he succeeded to the timber business at Caen.

In the forests the loggers were tearing and slashing into all but the remnant of the 96 timber.