Club [noun]

Definition of Club:

bat, stick

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Sentence/Example of Club:

She said she understands their concerns about retaliation, “but I’m not going to have people come under my instruction who are trying to destroy me” when it’s optional and a club.

“Our goal is to minimize exposure and the amount of people on property,” Bedminster’s general manager, David Schutzenhofer, wrote to club members in an email that day.

Zora Williams was a star student at Lincoln High, involved in countless clubs and applying to prestigious colleges across the country.

Individual no-shows from the big names doomed the club’s chances.

On Sunday, less than 24 hours after the club’s season-ending defeat to the Lakers, coach Mike D’Antoni announced he wouldn’t be coming back next season.

This was big news, as he’d be replacing Phil Powers, who has headed the club for the past 15 years and announced he would be retiring last October.

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Could be a situation where certain clubs have, let’s say it was 10 or 12 players that go positive.

Yet early on, the club needlessly had its guards going over screens to defend a poor jump-shooter in Butler — something that made a drop scheme harder to run properly.

Fogleman said the license holders admit the club was in violation of the city order.