Mallet [noun]

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Jones then went aft to a locker near the stern, whence he returned with a mallet and chisel, and went below.

To half a tennis-lawn add two ounces of croquet-mallet and three arches of pergola, and reduce the whole to a fine powder.

Then I stuck the mallet in my pocket, telling every one who cared to hear that I was carrying away a souvenir.

Girl as she was, in her studio at home she wielded for eight or ten hours a day a leaden mallet weighing four pounds and a half.

It seemed as if that great genius with a few blows of his mallet could have finished the indistinct labours of the giant.

Mr. Halle, who arrived in Paris at the end of 1840, was strongly recommended to the banker Mallet.

The toothed edge is applied to the paper and the reverse edge tapped with a mallet or hammer.

Panku was a giant, and worked with a mallet and chisel for eighteen thousand years in an effort to make the earth more shapely.

They accordingly suffered the punishment, the wrist being divided by a cleaver driven through the joint by force of a mallet.

With an aching heart I closed the pannel, and was going to leave the closet, when my mother and Mallet entered the library.