Nightstick [noun]

Definition of Nightstick:

stick used for conducting or for protection

Synonyms of Nightstick:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nightstick:


Sentence/Example of Nightstick:

He clutched his nightstick and scowled out from under the brim of his uniform cap.

His next aim was better; but this time the nightstick didn't connect.

Kelly's nightstick got his pneumonia gas jet, or whatever you call it.

The policeman's nightstick was getting more and more irritated.

He'd done nearly five blocks before a flatfoot steps out of a doorway and waves a nightstick at him.

At the bottom of the stair the policeman rapped on a door with his nightstick, a good loud rap.

The policeman, although nonchalantly swinging a nightstick, appeared to be watching him.

Oliver noticed with an inane distinctness that he had started to swirl his nightstick as a large blue cat might switch its tail.

A big smile on his face and the splintered remains of his nightstick still stuck in his fist.