Truncheon [noun]

Definition of Truncheon:


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Sentence/Example of Truncheon:

And Mr. Withells became a special constable, with a badge and a truncheon.

Thank goodness, if I do meet a spy, I've got a truncheon and a whistle.

A staff, truncheon, or badge of military honour for field-marshals.

Now then, Monty,” (to the boy), “give up my helmet and truncheon.

The Emperor's truncheon is a short staff, the emblem of his office.

Cock, undismayed, drew out his truncheon, and made for the burglar.

The Dura policeman was standing by with his truncheon and his lantern.

See, he fences at his foe with a truncheon, and hustles him while his horse is down.

Instead of sword or truncheon, he carried a plain ivory crucifix.

And he drew the truncheon of the spear from his body, and swooned away.