Aspect [noun]

Definition of Aspect:

visible feature

Synonyms of Aspect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aspect:


Sentence/Example of Aspect:

She looked from the picture to her daughter, with a frightful glare, in their before mild aspect.

Her manner amazed him; it was so unlike the aspect of fair interpretation, with which she usually discussed a dubious subject.

To travelers blessed with golden sunshine, the Rhine may wear a grander, nobler aspect, and to such I leave it.

Little boys when decking themselves out with tall hat and monstrously big clothes seem to be trying to put on an alarming aspect.

English Agriculture has a thorough and cleanly aspect which I have rarely observed elsewhere.

The picture books and the cinemas have familiarised them with every aspect of modern life.

The tragedy of existence presented itself in its true aspect, as noble and majestic and intimidating.

New and highly curious characteristics begin to appear when he attempts to give the profile aspect.

The city and commercial suburb of Binondo wore their usual aspect, although trade was almost at a standstill.

From its very cradle socialism showed the double aspect which has distinguished it ever since.