Simplicity [noun]

Definition of Simplicity:

absence of complication,

Opposite/Antonyms of Simplicity:

Sentence/Example of Simplicity:

Simplicity and self-forgetfulness were manifest in carriage and utterance.

Yet something new, inexplicable, thwarted her and changed the simplicity of her passion.

The bluntness of Lizzie's speech disconcerted him, and yet the simplicity of it reassured him.

I did not laugh at her simplicity, nor did I smile or feel any inclination to smile.

He let them do so in the innocence of his heart and the simplicity of his mind.

He was moved in his simplicity to urge moderation by asserting the claims of his own personality.

Let me see—'Dignity of mind and simplicity of character,' was not it?

The simplicity and veracity of the wife of Manoah appear in her address to him.

Vaudemont was startled by the simplicity of the question, and hesitated.

But never talk of innocence, of simplicity, and this unhappy girl, together!