Singleness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Singleness:

This singleness of purpose is well illustrated by a story about the painter Protogenes.

A man following a buck is governed by a like singleness of purpose.

When singleness attacks division, you know the result beforehand.

And, with a child's singleness of idea, he returned to the marriage.

One has the mercenary spirit, the other has singleness of purpose.

You gave no opinion on the singleness and permanence of love.'

In the room, there came a silence and a singleness over all their hearts.

He was a man the singleness of whose motives could not be questioned.

She recognized more fully the purity and singleness of his life.

So I thought; and, knowing his simplicity of character, and singleness of purpose, I felt no embarrassment in making that reply.