Privacy [noun]

Definition of Privacy:

solitude, secrecy

Synonyms of Privacy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Privacy:

Sentence/Example of Privacy:

Mine is a life of privacy and retirement compared with that of other men.

Directly they had reached the privacy of the street they became quieter.

It has a right to privacy as to its own doings and its own affairs as much as if it were its own father.

Tears, of course, except in the privacy of one's closet, were not ethical on the Street.

Napoleon was silent a moment, as if protesting against this invasion of his privacy.

Can't we at least have privacy in the room of an old and wounded man?

But their baseness lies in their privacy, not in their publicity.

Young people are entitled to their own privacy; I don't want to pry.

And this was the only sign to indicate that he was aware that his privacy had been invaded.

Rather let us reverence the privacy of man, the sacredness of his religious retreat.