Togetherness [noun]

Definition of Togetherness:

affectionate closeness

Synonyms of Togetherness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Togetherness:

Sentence/Example of Togetherness:

By Aristotle's time, togetherness was designated through a name.

Theirs was a togetherness which accompanied them to the grave.

Here, there is work for everyone, and a corresponding feeling of wantedness and togetherness.

A moment before, our togetherness had made me believe us so strong—and now I saw each alone—crushed—broken.

I was so full of the joy of togetherness—the great wonder of the new world; it pressed on my heart like sorrow.

While the family unit was still important, the clan and even the entire community took on new important aspects of “togetherness.”

There was noticeable the feeling of safety associated with togetherness which Trotter suggests.