Intimacy [noun]

Definition of Intimacy:

closeness between people

Synonyms of Intimacy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intimacy:

Sentence/Example of Intimacy:

It’s a small enough group that a lot of intimacy can go on during the performance, and a large enough group that you can make a lot of sound and do a lot of different things.

The intimacy of voice makes audio social media that much more appealing in the age of social distancing and isolation.

So, as I was writing, rather than keeping a specific person or prototype in my mind, I tried to imagine if I could gather a group of Americans in my living room, and I wanted to replicate that sensation of intimacy and closeness in my poem.

This move by PepsiCo will not only reduce costs but will also enable PepsiCo to develop more significant customer intimacy and hold more customer data.

The pictures were not pornographic, but we were embracing in them in a way that implied intimacy and would be uncomfortable trying to explain to my husband.

However, scaling communications is not a substitute for intimacy, which all humans crave.

Our business partners have told us that one reason the podcast industry has grown so much lately is because advertising is particularly effective on podcasts, given the intimacy of the medium.

We shouldn’t lose that recognition, that this sharing is part of love and intimacy.

An important nuance of direct messaging is the intimacy and trust built in.

“There was this intimacy that we wanted to create,” said Watson.