Friendship [noun]

Definition of Friendship:


Opposite/Antonyms of Friendship:

Sentence/Example of Friendship:

It was my escape, but it was also a bridge for me to connect and build friendships.

From Carol and Harry, Teichner has learned that we all have the capacity to create and build new friendships and attachments at whatever age or stage of life.

A letter or even just a conversation stating how much the friendship means to you would be lovely.

For Erik’s part, he seemed interested in future contact with Amanda but only on a friendship basis.

As in Firefly Lane, the new novel mines the power of friendship.

The characters in Milk Blood Heat are quietly forced to contemplate some of life’s biggest questions about death, friendship, womanhood and love.

At the core of Hospital Playlist is the friendship between five doctors who developed a close bond in medical school and now work at the same hospital.

“We have a community of people who come into this room every day who have never met and who are all developing friendships now,” she says.

“Just hearing all of us makes me value our friendship, and hearing their voices is a game-changer,” she says.

It’s as much about the friendship between the two characters as it is their quest to stop the rebellion, and features performances by Meryl Streep and more.