Disrespect [noun]

Definition of Disrespect:

disregard, rudeness toward someone

Synonyms of Disrespect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disrespect:

Sentence/Example of Disrespect:

In a statement, Brazilian police officials say Cabrera faces charges of assault, theft, illegal intimidation and repeated disrespect to authorities in Argentina.

The approach to training camp, showing up the way he did, the antics off the court, the disrespect started way before.

I mean no disrespect when I say that, just that there’s nothing as jarring as a stranger — any stranger — in the bed first thing in the morning.

This is a tragedy, because in the end, it will create disrespect for the court.

Research has repeatedly shown the mental harm that these icons inflict on Indigenous people, and tribal leaders continue to speak out against teams’ disrespect and appropriation.

I would not appear to dictate, but do you not fear Mr. Purcell may construe your non-attendance into disrespect to himself?

True, there were thousands of people who practised a little of this and a little of that, but Art would endure no such disrespect.

She had been my father's wife, and the sacredness of his name shielded her from disrespect.

I do not wish to speak with any disrespect of yours, however fantastic.

Asking your pardon, but I don't mean it any way out of disrespect.