Esteem [verb]

Definition of Esteem:

think highly of

Synonyms of Esteem:

Opposite/Antonyms of Esteem:

Sentence/Example of Esteem:

That’s the story Gershom Gorenberg restores to memory and esteem in “War of Shadows,” a masterpiece of scholarship and synthesis that also reads like a thriller.

Nobody had held his brother in any less esteem for this connection; it was quite the way in the country.

To suddenly discover oneself proficient where failure had been feared increases self esteem and adds to the sum of happiness.

Monsieur de Garnache, if you have no friend at hand to act for you, I shall esteem myself honoured.

The good character of the Irish railways was thus re-established, and they again held their rightful place in public esteem.

This slight acquaintance with the nobility of France did not, however, elevate them in her esteem.

The Chinese esteem it as a great delicacy and mix it with fowl and vegetables.

Held in great esteem by her noble master, Mrs. Brand was consulted by him on all matters of minor importance.

Her reception at the convent, where she was already held in such high esteem, was cordial in the extreme.

One who has the honour to command such brave soldiers should esteem himself happy to share their lot and perish with them.