Apprise [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Apprise:

After being apprised of the developments, Cherri Armstrong, a 20-year-old registered Democrat who works at an Amazon warehouse, didn’t like what she was hearing about either man.

The unlocking of the yard door would apprise us of the entrance of a guard, before the latter could observe Wingie at my cell.

They apprise him also of his confirmation as "Governor of our Plantation," and of the names of the Councillors joined with him.

Ought we not to make a run to Dresden, therefore, and apprise the Polish Majesty?

The night was unusually cold, but they dared not start a fire, lest it should apprise their enemies of their presence.

To-morrow the symphonies may perhaps be tried over at the Archduke's if I am able to go out, of which I will apprise you.

A single look was sufficient to apprise the pretended leech that the invalid was far beyond his powers of healing.

But I must apprise the reader not to expect any general view of literary history, even in the most abbreviated manner.

The next consideration is, how to apprise his wife; at least, what we ought to tell her if he be incapable of writing.

But would any biographer or historian deal justly, who failed to apprise us of the real blot upon the character of each?