Secret [adjective]

Definition of Secret:

hidden, unrevealed

Opposite/Antonyms of Secret:

Sentence/Example of Secret:

But I have a secret dread of the character and power of Alcibiades.

It is on Mr. Haley's account that I prefer to keep it secret.

The secret of this crowning charm was, perhaps, that she was a new sensation.

She saw her all the time while Connie was telling her the secret.

She knew that in secret Mamma was glad; but she answered the reproof.

"I am going to tell you a secret," he said at last, in a shamefaced way.

Her pity for Beatrice gave her a secret pleasure and satisfaction.

Scarcely was it safe, when the sexton buried the old man and his secret with him.

It were sin, thought I, that my secret should perish with me.

A tide of secret joy swept through him, as he realized his victory.