Recondite [adjective]

Definition of Recondite:

mysterious, obscure

Synonyms of Recondite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recondite:

Sentence/Example of Recondite:

Yet there is no need to apply any recondite or novel machinery.

In the university that life is, she had acquired encyclopedias of recondite learning.

In itself, it has no recondite meaning, it answers fully its own sweet purpose.

If he had recondite and "artistic" feelings, he indulged them also without shame.

And we have legends in recondite books of the manner of the King's death.

Recondite meanings of things are suggested to you, and words—what words they are!

It is, if properly considered, as recondite a science as mathematics.

It has been called "a recondite treatise on the subject of railway times."

Not the most recondite and secret part of our house had escaped their search.

No question was too sacred, grave, or recondite for this tribunal.