Difficult [adjective]

Definition of Difficult:

hard on someone; hard to do

Opposite/Antonyms of Difficult:

Sentence/Example of Difficult:

These are difficult conversations that aren’t going to go away whether or not we play the national anthem.

It’s really difficult to do a cost-benefit analysis when you can’t quantify the benefits, which is the case with rotational-energy protection systems.

That would make it much more difficult to operate a site like Yelp, which relies on having negative user content that people that it’s about would want taken down.

Under normal circumstances, with a defeated incumbent president, it is difficult for a party to change.

The Washington Football Team is also in need of a quarterback, but it’s difficult to imagine an intra-divisional trade.

Masks make it more difficult to hear what the wearer is saying and impossible for those who rely on lip reading.

The holidays this year — beginning with one of my high holy days, Selection Sunday — are going to be very difficult for me.

In the United States, stricter lockdowns may be politically difficult, given pent-up fatigue and frustration.

It’s not hyperbolic to say that the American experiment as a diverse, multiethnic democratic republic is facing one of its most difficult tests since that distant Philadelphia summer.

The Chiefs have one of the highest-scoring offenses in the league, and it’s difficult to beat them by kicking field goals.