Prohibitive [adjective]

Definition of Prohibitive:

tending to prevent the purchase or use of something; inclined to prevent or forbid; restrictive; beyond one's

Synonyms of Prohibitive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prohibitive:

Sentence/Example of Prohibitive:

Sulkily Papa argued that the cost in any case was prohibitive.

I've been ashamed ever since, too, that I allowed it to be prohibitive.

Prohibitive physical defects are also discovered in this connection.

What she wished was to dangle it before my eyes and put a prohibitive price on it.

It may also be used with vegetables when the price of butter is prohibitive.

And must be of such a nature that the cost of obtaining the fiber will not be prohibitive.

The cost of running a tender is prohibitive in the cases of purchases in small amounts.

Of course, the price was kind of prohibitive: Thirteen-fifty per Teletwist.

For commercial plantations, however, the cost of the frames is prohibitive.

The movement if successful will act not as a protective but a prohibitive tariff.