Extortionate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Extortionate:

He continued to drink of the poisonous rank beverages served at extortionate prices.

He replied that the market price was extortionate, and that his conscience would not allow him to accept it.

No contract had been made as to price, and when she arrived there the cabman's extortionate charge was refused.

If he had to borrow money he would do it from the government and would not be charged extortionate rates of interest as he is now.

In this way the league tried to reduce overcrowding and extortionate rentals.

Five months afterward Molly and Bertha were still making payments for these extortionate tickets.

He thus charges an extortionate amount for his goats and chickens, and demands heavy fees for services rendered.

But the main drawback to the business is the extortionate fees charged by the Treasury.

John Bull is indebted for this extortionate charge to the supreme wisdom of the Legislature, which has established a 3s.

Fares were extortionate, but many were willing to pay for speed.