Greedy [adjective]

Definition of Greedy:

desiring excessively

Opposite/Antonyms of Greedy:

Sentence/Example of Greedy:

We enjoyed the spread by ourselves, surrounded by our two perpetually greedy hounds and warmed by the thought that, with the help of friends and family and ungodly amounts of Tylenol, we had escaped the worst of this thing.

It’s seen as a bunch of selfish greedy bastards that are just in it to make as much money as possible.

It all depends on your management style and what you’re happy with and how greedy you really want to be.

When stocks take a beating, the pros often jump back in and buy on the cheap, adapting that Warren Buffett-ism of being “greedy when others are fearful.”

The mother played her accompaniments and at the same time watched her daughter with greedy admiration and nervous apprehension.

Whenever he visited the garden he told everybody that he should never come there again because Grandfather Mole was too greedy.

Though this may be accounted for by the fact that he was a greedy reader—of any and every thing which came his way.

Madame Malmaison knew it also, but the hard look on her greedy face did not soften.

With a mind greedy after all manner of information, he had not omitted to inquire closely into ecclesiastical matters.

Faster and faster Greedy Fawn stirred the boiling porridge, for it began to swell and fill the kettle.