Devouring [adjective]

Definition of Devouring:

eating up

Synonyms of Devouring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devouring:


Sentence/Example of Devouring:

Even the two hired men sitting under another tree devouring the delicious pudding, paused to hear Benny laugh.

Look: Nature burns around us and rolls in the arms of Summer, and drinks in the devouring breath of her ruddy spouse.

The great white throne is set, and from beneath it a flame bursts forth devouring the guilty objects of his wrath.

As I was devouring the child with last kisses, it brisked up and jabbered out its vocabulary!

Eagles, vultures, ravens, and wolves were devouring the dead bodies with which the earth was covered.

To their last day Jenkins's clients went about, showed themselves, cheated the devouring egotism of the crowd.

The vast steam-threshers are mightily devouring what their servants, the monster steam-reapers, have gleaned for them.

The fire was devouring the dwelling of the bishop's treasurer, one of the most execrated of the episcopals.

It had allowed him to enter, and to do his will; but its hospitality resembled the welcome of devouring jaws.

He talks about existing law as though it were some kind of devil,—a monster, devouring the world's poor.