Hungry [adjective]

Definition of Hungry:

starving; desirous

Opposite/Antonyms of Hungry:

Sentence/Example of Hungry:

Covid-19 plunged the United States into a recession, leaving millions of Americans out of work and hungry.

In other words, if students stay at home, some will be more vulnerable and more hungry and more isolated.

The biggest takeaway from the research, however, was less about the hungry sea creatures and more about the underwater recorders.

That low-power system, however, is meant more for smaller, less power-hungry devices like smart locks and security sensors.

The enormous datasets compiled to feed these data-hungry algorithms capture everything on the internet.

The irony of America’s trillion-dollar industrial food system is that millions of people still go hungry every day.

Of course, a long day of skiing in the cold makes a person hungry.

So if there’s a family that doesn’t have the resources and the means to get something to eat, we believe that no one should go hungry.

You’ll feel fine again soon, and chances are you’ll feel less hungry later on.

The flags reminded us how much our national pride has been wounded as so many are hungry and unhoused.