Unfilled [adjective]

Definition of Unfilled:

not filled

Synonyms of Unfilled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfilled:

Sentence/Example of Unfilled:

Always her mother had treated her with that indulgence which is as empty as an unfilled grate.

Now he gave it, though the year was not gone, and many leaves were yet unfilled.

Some one may say, Why then touch her in this obliviousness of her unfilled possibilities?

I hate flattery as I hate an unfilled flasket in the woodlands at midnight.

How many a place in the mansions of the redeemed would be unfilled!

He seized his unfilled glass, looked into it, and pushed it from him peevishly.

The unfilled lamp had gone out, leaving a trail of smoke in the air.

And our mouths, unfilled with bread, are to be shut, under penalties?

Sartor resembles the unfilled and yawning crescent moon, Wordsworth the rounded harvest orb: Sartor's cry is, "Give, give!"

An unknown, unmeasured, or unfilled region between the infra-red and the "electric" waves.