Depleted [adjective]

Definition of Depleted:

consumed, exhausted

Synonyms of Depleted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depleted:

Sentence/Example of Depleted:

His depleted body reached eagerly for the sweet energy that filled his mouth.

The State had been literally depleted of troops to assist Kentucky, and everybody knew it.

In a week's time the male population was so depleted that it was hard to find a man walking in town or out in the fields.

At the end of two weeks I saw my funds being depleted and I decided it was necessary to start on another campaign.

Moreover, their forces were being daily depleted by sickness and desertion.

People were no longer sickened by sloth and surfeit, or deformed and depleted by overwork and famine.

Their sharply angled bodies whisking back toward the depleted uranium cells, four cats appeared with shocking suddenness.

The seeding of depleted grazing lands is accomplished either by direct artificial seeding or through rotation grazing.

In the window but a few boxes of sweetmeats were left, and the glass showcases on the marble counter were depleted of pastry.

This art has now, indeed, almost disappeared, the race having been crowded back and depleted.