Decreased [verb]

Definition of Decreased:

grow less or make less

Synonyms of Decreased:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decreased:

Sentence/Example of Decreased:

Uric acid is decreased before an attack of gout and increased afterward, but its etiologic relation is still uncertain.

Red corpuscles and hemoglobin are commonly decreased together, although usually not to the same extent.

(b) In secondary anemia plaques are generally increased, although sometimes decreased.

(c) They are decreased in chronic lymphatic leukemia, and greatly increased in the myelogenous form.

In the former it is usually much decreased; in the latter, generally much increased.

As in pernicious anemia, the leukocytes are normal or decreased in number, with a relative increase of lymphocytes.

The temperature had by this time very perceptibly decreased in warmth, the glass often standing no higher than 59° or 63° Fah.

It will be observed that with the increase of coprah shipment, the export of cocoanut-oil has decreased.

Ethel and Norman came up after breakfast, their aversion by no means decreased by further acquaintance.

Family members had been decreased in number, and disease and starvation conditions were common throughout the state.