Crumble [verb]

Definition of Crumble:

break or fall into pieces

Synonyms of Crumble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crumble:

Sentence/Example of Crumble:

If you want to simplify this recipe, you can simply add a whole walnut to the center, in place of the crumble.

Rather than the traditional whole walnut to decorate the center of the cookie, I’ve gone with a crave-worthy crumble of walnuts, coconut and brown sugar, laced with five-spice powder.

The self-centred, confident man in him that deemed itself indispensable must crumble.

Perhaps he was rather doing one of those useless and splendid things that alone among man's contrivances do not crumble and fall.

Remember that it is uncertain as to size and that the walls are liable to crumble.

The luxury of Broadwood would have to crumble: his mind was very clear about that.

Only when the radiance became dim did the mass grow cold and crumble in pieces which retained but the semblance of a spark.

He would pause to swear at the biscuit for not softening quicker, helping it to crumble with his mighty thumb thrust in the cup.

Nor does it depend on the brilliant sun—this mere clod of earth will cause it, even a little crumble of mould.

He hollows or bores out winding tunnels in the wood with the sharp edge of his shell until the piles crumble to pieces.