Droop [verb]

Definition of Droop:

hang down; languish

Synonyms of Droop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Droop:

Sentence/Example of Droop:

He looked up, half shutting his one funny eye, and cocking one ear up, and letting the other droop down.

Love has come rushing to the beck of a tip-tilted chin, or the tone of a voice, or the droop of an eyelid.

Then his head grew very tired, and his eyes began to droop till they were tight shut and he fell asleep.

The old gentleman shook his head, let his arms sadly droop, and appeared to sink into deep musing.

The Duchess bore it again, but the lines of her mouth, with the strong droop at the corners, became a trifle grim.

While they lay in her hand and she looked, the rose-veined petals began to close, the leaves to droop and the stem got limp.

As to the cook himself, he had a perplexed droop in every curve of his rounded shoulders.

There was a fixed smile on his colourless lips and a lifeless droop in his weary pose.

The grieved, childlike droop of the sensitive little mouth told its own story, and Miss Barbara set her lips sternly together.

As spring advanced, Alice began to droop, and Sally's quick eye detected in her infallible signs of decay.