Straighten [verb]

Definition of Straighten:

put in neat or aligned order

Synonyms of Straighten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Straighten:

Sentence/Example of Straighten:

You've got to get some sleep: that's the only way for you to straighten up.

It bent him low, and it was only with a great effort that he was able to straighten again.

Before I could straighten him out a second and more awful idea hit him.

I had to climb into the cockpit and straighten out the mess.

I'll have to run over there myself in a day or two and straighten it out.

Then straighten your face and go stick your head out the window.

I've tried to straighten it out in my own mind, but I can make nothing of it.

My back pains so sometimes I cannot stand on my feet or straighten up.

You could do so much to straighten things out for the poor child.

He sat there for some minutes, and then a sound caused him to straighten himself with a jerk.